Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Our Award Winning Authors!

Dear Parents,
This is what our Enriched English Class has been up to, they have been winning awards!
Enriched English: Award Winning Authors
Mrs. Rice’s Enriched English students wrapped up a wonderful semester. Many of these students placed in the Young Writer’s Poetry Competition. Their work was selected from across Canada. Congratulations to the following students:
Kyle Cacilhas – "Lonely Child"
Justin Aoun- ​"Change is Here"
Farooq Ahmad – "War Effects"
Anh Tran – "Our Generation"
Melissa Fares – "Untitled"
Dean Godbout – "Words"
Daniel Haeussler – "Pinball Machine"
Tela Verrelli – "The Shadow"
Erin Boutet – "Time"
Angie Ramos Martell - "Thy Mind Shall See"
Ronnie Desjardins – "Untitled"
Haylee Begin–Dyck – "The Soundtrack to my Emotions"
Katerina Pace – "The Concert"
Their poems now have ISBN numbers and will be published in the spring publication, On Familiar Shores. Congratulations!
Further congratulations to the students who placed in the OECTA writing contest.
First place – Justin Auon – "Survival"
Second Place – Haylee Begin-Dyck – "Perfection"
Third Place- Katerina Pace - "Falling"
Justin’s poem advanced to the OECTA Board Level and placed first. Congratulations, Justin.
Congratulations, to CCH’s first Enriched class for exceeding our expectations. We look forward to next year
Thanks for your dedication Ms. Rice,
CCH Administration Team