Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Grade 8 Faith Retreats at Catholic Central

Catholic Central took time this past week to welcome future Comets to our family. From October 21 - October 25, CCH Campus Ministry extends a warm welcome to over 120 Gr. 8 students from three of our feeder schools to partcipate in a half day retreat. Students are coming from Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Immaculate Conception, and St. Angela. The retreat, the first of its kind at the school, included fun and inter-active ice breaker activities, time for personal reflection from both the Gr. 8s and CCH students, and Liturgy of the Word lead by the Gr. 8 students in conjunction with Campus Ministry. Lunch is also provided courtesy of the Culinary Arts class at CCH. Positive comments were received by both the Gr. 8 class and teaching staff. Most students shared with Campus Ministry that they felt like they were at home while here at CCH. Plans are already underway to make this an annual event for our future Comets!

Learning Money - The Fun Way!

Our grade 11 and 12 students were treated to a Funny Money presentation today by Steven Levin.  Sponsored by the Cambridge Chambers of Commerce, the importance of fiscal responsibility was the focus of the presentation and students came away with a greater appreciation of the importance of financial planning for their future.

Monday, 21 October 2013

CCSAC Meeting Minutes

Dear Parents,

Here are the minutes from our last meeting.

God Bless,

CCH Admin Team

Minutes from October 9th Catholic Central School Advisory Council Meeting:

  1. Meeting called to order at 6:11 pm with introductions and prayer being said.

  2. September minutes approved.

  3. October agenda approved.

  4. Elections held for remaining executive positions. Results as follows:

    vice chair: Samad Khandakar treasurer: Leslie Boutet secretary: Doug Fraser

5. Revision of by-laws was deemed unnecessary at this time by members.
6. Chair report: paper copy was distributed to each member present.
7. Principal report will be sent out when computer problem at CCH is remedied.
8. Campus ministry report will be sent out when computer issue is remedied at CCH. 9. Student report: no rep present at the meeting.
10.Teacher rep Andrea Rice was welcomed aboard. Discussion ensued as to what the

members wanted her to bring to the table for each meeting, ie. general CCH news, specific faculty issues, funding requests, etc....she will be speaking on behalf of any and all departments and will be sharing any news, successes, needs, funding etc...

11.Council Yearly Commitments: it was decided unanimously that this specific council will once again support the CCH staff in hosting the bursary dinner. Ms. Lofaso will strike up a staff driven committee for this event and will report back to the council in November as to the needs that the council can step in to help with. As well, it was decided that in order to help out with additional funding requests that the school may have, ie. technology tools, that a fundraising committee will be established in order to brainstorm and coordinate fundraising events to supplement the bursary dinner commitment. Leslie, Rose and Cheryl are the members for this subcommittee.

They will report back to council in November with ideas to bring in funds for CCH. 12.There was much discussion pertaining to the logistics for hosting the bursary dinner.

Venue, theme, food format, entertainment, cost, date, catering etc...were all discussed. Ms. Lofaso will discuss these items with her staff committee and stressed the amount of hard work and dedication this event entails. She spoke of the time and effort involved in procuring auction items for the dinner especially. This will be revisited in November with more concrete roles established for all involved.

13. Meeting was closed at @ 7:50 pm with a reminder of the next meeting on Nov. 20. 

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

This week

Dear Parent(s),

Here is what is happening at Catholic Central from October 14-18th:


CCH Admin Team

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, our school community came together to celebrate Thanksgiving Mass, celebrated by Father Moe Charbonneau.  The theme was 'seek and you shall find."  We wish the students, staff and families of Catholic Central a happy thanksgiving and long weekend.

A. Lo Faso

Progress Reports & Newsletter!

 All students have completed progress reports that have been sent home on Wednesday Oct 9th, 2012.  Please review and contact the school with any questions pertaining to students' progress.  As well, a newsletter has been sent home which captures some key events and news here at CCH!


A. Lo Faso

Friday, 4 October 2013

Football for Cancer

Today our Comets Senior Boys Football team, along with Kennedy Clippers, plan to fight cancer one yard at a time in a friendly game of football to raise funds and awareness for cancer  research.

Poetry in Motion

Students in English classes experienced poetry live and up close with Dr. Bruce Myer yesterday at CCH, where they were encouraged to "catch the things of the corners of their eyes" and express that in literary form.  Renowned poets continue to visit and work with students in today, and we look forward the the work they compose!  

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Catholic Central offers HOPE for Terry Fox Cancer Run

Over 800 students spelled the word HOPE at Windsor Stadium on Sept 30, 2013 as a tribute to Terry Fox.  More than $1000.00 was raised for the cause and leadership students directed and organized the walk and human sign.  This picture was taken and posted in the Windsor Star.  Click for a full view.

Poet Laureate Visit CCH!

  1. Poet Laureate, Dr. Bruce Meyer, will be visiting Catholic Central High School and working with our students to explore elements of writing and interpreting poetry.