Sunday, 23 March 2014

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place at the C.A.D. Competition!

Designers of a Cottage take home Honours!

Saturday morning 4 of our design students took part in the Architectural Computer Aided Drafting competition at St. Clair College.

The design requirements (there were many) and timeline (2 1/2 hours) were extremely difficult.
The task was to create a 1,000 sq ft. cottage from scratch including floor plan and 4 exterior elevations. All drawings had to be to "working/construction" drawing standard.
This would be a daunting task for even a professional to complete.

Their final work was amazing to say the least.
The judges were blown away by the ingenuity, detail, creativity, and quality of their designs, not to mention their Auto CAD skills.

The students were so excited to be taking part in the could see it in their smiles!  They were proud of themselves.
If you see Kenneth Valerio (1st place), Allen Lui (2nd place), Paul Paik (3rd place) and David Castro please congratulate them!