Thursday, 20 March 2014

Fwd(2): Dance Team Blurb

This year's Dance Fest is presented by Terpsichore Dance Celebration Inc. at the Scotia Bank Convention Centre, Niagara Falls.   The Catholic Central Dance team is going as a recreational competitive level group.

Our team includes Kylo Fazekas, Bela Antonio, Ayak Guet, Anna Diamonte, Joana Kapai, Rina Asy, Makasan Kromah, Marrianne Soy, Diane Rejolio, Kylie Hayes, Tela Verelli, Jacqueline Torento and Kasia Watson.  These students will experience and learn the company's philosophy that this event is a performing opportunity and enjoy "good sportmanship", friendly healthy competitive atmosphere with a judging panel.  

Thank you,

Linda Garrisi
Catholic Central High School
Drama/ Dance

  "Capability means imagination..."
            Napoleon Hill