Friday, 3 October 2014

Fwd: Announcements

1. Mrs. McClounie's period 3 class is to meet in room 215 for health today.

2. Senior Boys Football players are to be dismissed at 2:10 please for their game tonight. The bus will be leaving at 3 pm so be on it! You are wearing white jerseys and pink socks! A reminder that NO FANS are to be wearing the player's jerseys. If any player junior or senior wishes to get pink socks, please see Mrs. McClounie by LUNCH TIME because I will be away this afternoon.

3. Football bracelets are for sale! $3 will get you a bracelet, entrance to the game, and the warm and fuzzy feeling of helping to find a cure for breast cancer. The game starts at 5 pm at Vista against St. Anne's. Wear pink and support CCH!

4. No intramurals today. They start again Tuesday.

5. CCH sweatpants are for sale for $25 in the Phys. Ed office.