Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Fwd: Jr Boys Announcement

Yesterday the Junior boys volleyball team played their quarter final game against the 3rd ranked
Tecumseh Vista Academy @ Tecumseh Vista. The comets took the first set after some great play 25-19. In the 2nd set, the Comets were up 15-10 but couldnt hang on to the lead and lost 25-17.
In the 3rd set, the Comets were left feeling down as Vista suddenly got a surge of energy. Although the comets played tough, they lost the third set 25-20. With this being a best of 5, the comets knew they had to bring there all if they were to stay in it. The 4th set took a turn for the worst as the Comets saw themselves dug into an 11-0 deficit. The coaches took a timeout and rallied the boys and told them their heart would be what would drive them to success. The boys turned the game around and took the lead 20-17 before Vista took their 2nd timeout. After the timeout the boys stormed to 25 and took the 4th set 25-20, setting up a 5th and final set. With the nerves, and the excitement being felt throughout the building, and after overcoming an 11-0 deficit, the boys took to the court, determined to let everyone know they were not leaving without a win. The boys took an early 8-5 lead, and switched sides with Vista, leading up to a final 15-10 set win, and a quarter final victory for the comets!!

What an amazing game to have witnessed, and experienced. The coaches are very proud of the boys! What makes this team different than the others is that upon returning to Catholic Central from Vista, the boys went into our own home gym and cheered on the Junior Girls basketball team as they were playing against Herman! What a sign of school spirit, comet pride and sportsmanship from the team.

Reminder that there is practice today at 4pm. Be ready!