Thursday, 6 November 2014

We are like a team of Surgeons at Catholic Central

On Friday Catholic Central will be holding a Practice Literacy Test for selected students and our Grade 9 students.  The conditions will be just like those of the real test they will write in Grade 10.  The beauty of what we do is our teachers team mark the tests and we analyze the results together.  Our team leaders consisting of Mr. Culumovic and Mrs. Rice take the data and give the students support on multiple days.  

The students receive help in where they need it the most.  The students are also offered help in our after school literacy programs.  This support has certainly helped our students to keep improving their achievement.  We have improved our pass rate dramatically over the past five years.  We could not have done this without the dedication and hard work of our teachers.  They really are like surgeons who take a team approach to helping our students do better.