Monday, 19 January 2015

Fwd: week of Jan 19th

Attention CCH students, exams begin Fri. Jan 23 with your per 1 exam and continue everyday thereafter.  Please listen to a.m. 800 for inclement weather reports and if your exam is postponed one day, thus pushing back all exams by one day.  All students are expected to report to school in full uniform on the exam day and phys. ed. classes are to be in their appropriate CCH phys. ed. uniform.  There will be no cafeteria service these days and all textbook issues are to be addressed before writing the exam.  If students are late for an exam they are to report to the attendance office for an admit slip.  All missed exams require medical documentation and must inform the school immediately if this is the case.  Students may leave their exam at the first hour of completion 9:45 a.m. or thus wait until the completion of their exam.  Jr. exams end at 10:15 with Sr. exams ending at 10:45.  All students are to vacate the building immediately after their exam, absolutely no loitering in the hallways.  If waiting for a ride you must wait in the cafeteria.  best of luck on yuour exams.