Monday, 9 November 2015

Fwd: Monday

12.6 seconds left on the clock, Comets down by 1.  Ball is Assumptions possession.  Comets Mori Motto steals the ball, drives down the court, banks it off the backboard, rebound by Silvana Lopez shoots the ball into the air, buzzer goes basket falls in the hoop Comets win 32-31....and that is why the junior girls venture to Kingsville today at 530pm for their quarterfinal playoff game.  Congratulations girls on an exciting win Friday at Assumption.

Junior and senior girls basketball players please meet in room 215 at 245pm today, there will be a dinner for you prior to boarding the bus to Kingsville.  Please have all of your belongings with you including uniforms and shoes.  Juniors play at 530pm followed by the seniors at 7pm.

Volleyball scorekeepers are needed for tonight's junior boys volleyball quarterfinal match here at CCH.  Please see Mrs. Ditchfield in the big gym.

Intramural dodgeball this week, Monday/Wednesday juniors, Tuesday/Thursday seniors and Friday will be girls.