Monday, 4 April 2016

Fwd: Monday Announcement

This past Saturday Ibrahim Fakih, Khalil Fakih, and Drake De La Torre competed in the 3rd Annual St. Clair College Architectural Design Competition. Participants had 3 hours to design and draw a small 2 bedroom cottage which met a list of specific criteria. Fully dimensioned construction drawings were created with AutoCAD and consisted of a floor plan with 4 elevations.
Each student received a $500 bursary for competing.
Mr. Spina is pleased to recognize Drake as he placed 2nd which advances him to the Skills-Ontario competition in Waterloo to compete against the best in the Province. Drake will receive an additional $1000 bursary.
Jax Beckett also represented CCH well in the Photography category.
Excellent work by all involved!

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