Sunday, 23 October 2016

Hallo-week Pumpkin Hunt

Welcome to Halloweek Students of Catholic Central. Today is the first day of the great pumpkin hunt. Everyday, you have the chance to find the Great Pumpkin for a special prize.

Here are the rules:
-The pumpkin will be labeled for the day of the Hunt. So you are looking for a small pumpkin that reads: Monday
-The pumpkin will be in the main building, not the West Wing
- You can only look for the pumpkin during Lunch
-The Pumpkin will not be in a place out of bounds or in a classroom without a teacher present.
- Clues wil be given during morning announcements and during lunch
-once you find the pumpkin, please bring it to Mr. Gravalese or a member of Student Council in the Main Hallway to collect your prize.

Todays first clue is: 867-5309